Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Matthew Goode

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Last Sunday night, 082612, I was bored and don't know what to do. It was 11:49pm and still awake. I'm wasn't sleepy yet, so I decided to watch a movie. I was seeking for a DVD here at our house. I choose the Chasing Liberty because I want to watch it a long time ago but I don't have time at all, but my family already watched it. So last Sunday night was my chance to watch it. 

Chasing Liberty is a movie, starring Mandy Moore and the newcomer (2004) Matthew Goode. It's about a girl, who wants to have freedom because she is always guarded by securities because she is the daughter of the President of the United States. Then she met Ben, a secret agent she never knew. 

The story was good, it was very nice. I love the places, it was like I am having a tour in Europe while watching it. It's funny, romantic, and a touch of drama in the end, but there is one thing that I really love the most. Yes I love the whole movie, but I also love the leading man. I fell in love with Matthew Goode.

I first noticed his wonderful smile, his gentleman role on the movie by protecting Anna (Moore), and many other factors that made me love him.

Matthew Goode also is the leading man in the movie, Leap Year with Amy Adams. It also has a nice story, very funny and romantic. Matthew has a very sexy Irish Accent, the beard makes him look like a masculine guy. But I like the story of Chasing Liberty than Leap Year, maybe because in Chasing Liberty, they were just like teenagers, etc. But in Leap Year, they are already grown up,  duh, they were talking about marriage. 

Okay, let's move on to The Leap Year, and go back to Chasing Liberty. I love a lot of scenes there. First is the scene when Moore and Goode first met. Second is on the train. He's such a gentleman in that scene especially when McGruff arrived, when he is like flirting with Anna, and Ben goes to the middle of them and say, "Sorry Romeo, sun's at mine" something like that. For me, it's sweet because he is protecting Anna. The next scene that I love the most is while they're on the boat in Venice. We all know that It is a place for lovers, and even though they are not lovers, it made me twitch, like wiggle, alright, I don't know how to explain that feeling, It's just simply romantic. I also love the part where they went to bungee jump. It's another gentleman thing, because Ben didn't leave Anna to jump alone instead, he came and they jumped together. Goose bumps arrived when they jumped and Mandy Moore screamed too loud. It's romantic for me not to let the girl jump alone. The last part I love is the Ending scene where Anna finds Ben, and made the big gesture. 

Ben Calder: So, you got a little thing for me, huh? 
Anna Foster: No. Big Thing.

It's my favorite dialogue in the movie. It made me smile so big. I was touched.
I also love Anna's theories.

Alright, let's move on to the movies. Because of my love to Matthew Goode, I watched it again. I was awake in the midnight and sleep in the morning. Last Sunday, I watched at 12:06 am and I finished it at 3:45 because I also looked at the special features of the DVD. The bloopers, the deleted scenes and etc. Yesterday, I watched it again and I started at 11:58 pm and finished it at 2:16 am. Yes, I stayed up all night just to watch it again. 

OMG! I really loved Matthew Goode that fast. I woke up in love with him. I always think of him. I always imagine myself with him, I always remember him in the movie. Who doesn't gets in love with a man with green eyes, perfect smile, wonderful voice, sexy body and a nice personality? He has cute everything. For me, he's perfect. 

Oh that green eyes.


Sophie is very lucky to have him by her side, everyday. I think he is a very loyal husband. They are married for 3 years and has a daughter. A known celebrity and husband like him is hard to find. See, there are a lot of Actors and Actresses who got divorced and etc. I really hope, they don't. I hope they will stay forever and ever.

Wonderful Couple

Yes I love him, and I don't get jealous on her wife. Ok yeah, I admit, I'm jealous, 1/4 jealous. haha! It's kinda weird right?

Yeah, when I woke up, today, I'm brokenhearted, because I don't have a man like him. I was like rolling in bed for hours, just thinking of him. I cried, I smiled and tears fell, and to express my love for him, I listened to a lot of songs, and when I heard the song "If you're not the one" by Daniel Bedingfield, I feel connected. I feel like he knows what I feel. So I've decided. "If you're not the one" is my theme song to Matthew Goode. HAHAHA -____-

I also send a group message to my friends :) 

Because of my depression of not being with him, of not having like him, I decided to find his Account on Twitter, so I could stalk him, oh, I mean update :) I was looking for it last Monday, and I can't find it and I HATE IT! So I searched again, and luckily, today, I FOUND IT. I found Matthew Goode's Twitter Account! Yeay! I can stalk him now all day, everyday! oh, I mean, get updates. Haha!

So to get sure, I asked him an awkward question if he is the real Matthew and he replied....

This was the conversation,  short conversation....

Shot! he noticed me, and got a reply from him O.O. *Swoon*
That was really amazing, it was, stupendous! Imagine, he replied too quickly, other celebrities don't reply on their fans, they ignore their fans despite of the fact that we are the reason why they are famous right now. He was really a nice guy, has a wonderful personality. I hope you continue that and we can be.... friends? Please :) on twitter <3 <3 <3 Finding his twitter account made me feel good. I feel ok, my broken heart has been fixed. I was happy, really happy to saw his account. 

Matthew Goode is really one of a kind. Unique. Keep it up and please don't get annoyed by me, I love you forever and always. I'm not saying that because I'm a big fan of yours but I'm really telling you what my brain and my heart says. I LOVE YOU, MATTHEW GOODE <3

I hope you read this and I will be your fan, whatever happens. Promise. I'll update you about my song, the song I am writing for you :) That's the only way I know, how to express my feelings on you 'cause I really can't explain it, I can't explain myself, my feelings. 

I have a LOOOOOOOT more to say, but I guess this is too much :) August 26, 27, 28, 2012 are the dates that I will never, ever forget :)

Thank GOD you were born! 
Keep Safe always <3 

I LOVE YOU, once again :)

-Angelica Jacob


  1. kind of pleasure read ur post 'bout Matthew Goode.

  2. Great post!! If u r fan of somebody, u should be this enthusiastic!!! And you are absolutely right about him, I second every word of yours. :)

  3. ur not ganna be blamed to be crazy about him , he is pure handsome ,i'm too crazy about his eyes ,voice and besides he is a great actress ;)