Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I want Toy Story 4

November 07, 2012

I want Toy Story 4 so badly. Last night we watched the Toy Story 3, at first I really don't want to watch it because I knew that it is a sad movie especially on the end part because we already watched it on a cinema before. While watching the movie, I keep on secretly wiping my eyes because I cried so much. For me, Toy Story 3 is a great movie yet very sad. 

I'm 60% satisfied and 40% not. The ending was great because Andy donated the Toys to the girl instead of putting them in the attic. Woody also wanted to go to that girl because he knew that she is a good girl and does care for her toys that's why he put a note on the box. I just don't like the reality that people where getting old and get rid of their things that they had since they where young. In Toy Story 3, I cried a lot when Andy gives his toys especially Woody to the girl. I cried so much especially on bed. Seriously. Woody is a very special toy for Andy, Oh my Goodness, I'm crying right now...

If I were going to be asked, I want to have a Toy Story 4, but what will be the story? Andy is in College and soon to have wife and kids? How will he take care of his toys? Will he ever get his toys back from the girl? 

I just want to bring Woody and friends back to Andy. I know it's not the "Andy's Toys Story", see Woody and his friends really loved Andy. They love Andy so much because they were Andy's toys since he was young. Those toys meant a lot to Andy.

I'm thinking that Andy was already married and have kids, then one day he will go to this garage or yard sale where is in the girl's house, where he can see Woody and friends in the box, because the girl is already grown up, and Andy was shocked to see his old toys and buys them all. Andy came home and surprise his kids for those new toys but at first, his kids will not like them and that will be the new dilemma. Andy will keep them and the toys will make Andy's children love them. I want a happy ending where they can all be together again and of course meet new toys, new experiences and share happiness with Andy and his family. 

Yeah, I took thing this very serious even though it's just a movie and take note, a kid's movie but hey! It's one of my favorites and I'm never too old for Disney Movies, I will never be too old for them. I wish I could continue the story, LOL. I wish Pixar and Disney could make Toy Story 4: A never ending friendship.

♫You got a friend in me...♫ Our friendship will never die...♫

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