Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Zac Efron! Iloveyou!

November 07, 2012

Last night, while I'm crying on my bed after I watch Toy Story 3, I checked my phone and on the outbox of my phone, I saw this...

I remember  when Zac was in the Philippines, someone gave me a number saying that it's his number while he stays in PH. It was under the Globe network I guess, so I tried texting him even though I know that he wasn't really the one who holds it, or the one who will read it and even though it is just a trick or something, whatever, blah, blah... I won't be losing anything for trying, right?

I tried sending it but this is what comes up...

Yes, I knew it! It wasn't  real, man! I was so excited that maybe one day Zac will notice me and greet me or what-so-ever, but that's it. Disappointed |-_-|.

Anyway, I can still send him my love on Twitter and using this blog, and I really hope, I'm really hoping that he can read my blogs and tweets on him :)

I guess I'm one of the #TeamZE now! :)

Lots of Love ♥




Zac Efron :D

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