Tuesday, January 20, 2015


So last night, I just had one of my best sleep ever because I dreamed about Bradley Will Simpsons. I haven't actually have some good sleep these past few days because my cousins and I are staying up all night and the other night, well I watched a horror trailer (Unfriended) so I freaked out a little bit. Well not actually that little but anyway, I had a wonderful sleep last night.

I always dreamed about my idols like David Archuleta, Louis Tomlinson and most especially Harry Styles and I will never forget any of them. And even if I do, I already posted a blog about it so I can always re-read it and feel like I'm in dreamland again. 

Bradley Will Simpsons is so special to me not because he is a member of one of my favorite bands but also, he always makes me smile, he always makes me happy and yes, you guess that right, I love this guy so much. He is actually my favorite member of the band but that doesn't mean that I don't like James, Con and Tris. 

Maybe I got way too excited because next next Sunday, I will freaking see them in concert. Okay, my heart is pounding right now. You guys don't know my struggles just to see them in concerts and I am so happy now that I know that I will see them live and omg, teary eyes right now guys. :') Tears of JOY. 

So this is what happened, based on what I remember. Okay, I didn't made this up. So here it goes...

I was on this Arena where they will have a concert. I was the only one outside and it was too early. I waited for hours and a security guard asked me if what am I doing so I told him that I'm waiting for the boys to arrive. Time passes and it's already night and as I was sitting there in one corner, I saw the boys walking. OMG, so I stood up and shouted "I LOVE YOU BRAAAAAD!!!!", just like how I'm practicing to say it for their concert. Brad was in the middle wearing shorts, a shirt and a jacket without his signature hat. Tris, James and Con is walking with him and some blonde girl. As I saw Brad getting nearer, I ran for him and stopped in front of him. I stood in front of him, teary eyed and said, "Hi" and he smiled and hugged me SO tight. I felt it in my dreams and also my heart was palpitating and there was something in my stomach that I can't explain. We hugged for minutes. It was so tight, I couldn't barely breathe. We forgot that there are other people around us. Also I was crying when I hugged him. No, not crying but sobbing instead. I still can feel the warmth of his hug even if it was just a dream. We let go of each other and he wiped my tears with his right thumb and I asked for a selfie. I can still imagine what we looked like. Me on the left side and his arms is on my waist. I'm smiling and so was he. His arms were wrapped on my hips. OH EM GEE! 

I woke up a little and continued dreaming but this was kinda sad... 

After Brad and I took a photo together, my aunt called me and says that we are going to this grocery store (Okay, this is getting weird now) and be back for the concert. But when I got inside of the Arena, there are no more people anymore. It's weird because there are couches with pillows, instead of the regular seats that we can see inside some Arenas. The lights are off, except for the one on the stage, and someone is already mopping. I asked the guy sadly, "How was the concert?" and he replied, "It was fantastic". I felt so sad by what happened but I just thought of the moment Brad and I just had. Not everyone saw it but it will always and forever be in my heart. I also looked at our selfie and we looked happy and perfect for each other. I know their music, and I know it was beyond fantastic and Brad will always stay special in my heart. 

Brad, I hope you see this because I love you so much and I'm excited to see you rocking on stage. I know I can't hug you and take a picture with you as what I dreamed it would be :'( But seeing you happy makes me happy, especially if you will notice me. I love you so much you don't know how much it hurts sometimes. Vampette forever ♥

P.S. I want backstage passes :"( 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday David Archuleta

It's December 28 again!? You don't say!? Oh Gosh, do you know what that means? Today is David Archuleta's Birthday! He's 24 now, well not too old to be my husband, lol!

David Archuleta is so important to me. I still love him even if he's not that active anymore in the Music Industry because he's too busy doing some religious acts. I started "Fangirling" for David Archuleta and it will never end. I love this guy so much even if he still not noticing me for 6 years now :( You guys don't know how much I cried when he went to his mission, but thankfully he is back now.

Now my wish for David is first, to have an awesome 2015, a new chapter of his life, a healthy life and to stay with his family and be happy. Second is that he will do some concerts and albums again. And lastly, for his dreams and wishes to come true. 

I love you so much David and I will never stop loving you until my heart stops to beat. Take Care always and God Bless you! I love you! <3

Friday, August 8, 2014

Puerto Princesa

Have you ever been so tired because you’re just sitting there for several hours? Well I did! After a 7-hour drive from El Nido, we finally arrived in Puerto Princesa, Palawan last night. My aunt booked a Family room here at Deep Garden Forest. The room was very big and very cute because of the different sculptures and decorations.

 They have a beautiful winery

Today was our Puerto Princesa tour. We only have two destinations, the Ugong Rock Adventures and the Puerto Princesa Underground River.

It was called Ugong Rock because of the echoing sound of the rocks produce when tapping it. They offer a different kind of experience. We climbed up through steep rocks, pass through narrow passages and took lots and lots of pictures.

 I finished it! So tired. 

Also known as PPUG was known because it is one of the longest navigable underground rivers in the world. It also became popular when it got to the list of the 7 Wonders of The World. This breathtaking tour takes you on a canoe journey into the first 1.5 kilometers of the cave, where you will experience the beauty of Stalagmites and Stalactites, formed over thousands of years, as well seeing the Bat populations that inhabit the cave.
I had fun because our tour guide was so talkative and funny. He made sure that the tourists won’t get bored and will learn a lot from the tour and we did! Too bad that our camera died because I haven’t charged it last night so I just used my phone instead.

For More Information about having a tour in PPUG, click this link: 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

El Nido - Tour C

A lovely day, means a lovely tour. There are only 4 of us on the boat today. Me, my aunt, my uncle and a Spanish Guy. Me and my aunt is talking to him and we were like “Me, no habla Spanish” AHAHA!

This place is very cool! The view was stupendous plus the heavy sun rays makes the water very refreshing and the place very wonderful!

The sand is great and the water is so clear! We like to have some snorkeling but it’s so hot, we’ll get burn. lol. We also had our lunch here! Yummy!

I'm helping them to prepare our lunch!

Me, Alberto, my uncle and my aunt are ready to eaaattt!!!


I'm on the top of the world.

Idk what spot was that because our tour guide just added it to our tour because he said that we can’t go to the Secret Beach due to a high tide. Oh, we saw a sea turtle here which are incredibly awesome! Alberto, the Spanish guy, helped us on finding the turtle. He’s a very good swimmer by the way.


It was called Helicopter Island because of the rock formation that looked like a helicopter without a propeller OMG! I saw a lot of cute and colorful little fishes. My uncle said that he saw little sharks which are seen by other tourists too so I believed him. AHAHA!

Helicopter Island

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

El Nido - Tour B

To be honest, I enjoyed today’s tour than yesterday. Maybe because we already knew who we are with unlike yesterday and also the places are jaw dropping!


Can you see my sexy tummy? 

This is a cave on the side of a limestone cliff. Our tour guide told us that it was called Cathedral Cave because the cave formation looks something like, uhm, idk what it’s called. The thing where you put the “saints” on the church. Well, yeah. HAHA!

This is the place where we will be having our lunch but while they’re cooking the foods, we can get to enter the cave! This was really fun and embarrassing. It was embarrassing because the cave had a small entering and I entered it smoothly with my chin up and I was so confident that I can simply go out but then my head hit the rock and a lot of people laughed at me, like, wtf?!? HAHA!

I found the hidden Mickey!

After entering the cave, we did some snorkeling! It’s so fun especially to me that can’t totally swim in the deep. I got to see a lot of different cute and colorful fishes, corals and it was totally cool like so cool!

This place is my favorite among all the Islands that we’ve been.  This Island is called Snake Island because of a long sand bar that looks like a snake from afar. On both sides of the sand bar are shallow swimming areas. The “S” was caused by the two opposing currents. An 8-minute hike to the top of the island leads to a view-deck. The view was totally superb. Very lovely.

 Me and my aunt with some people on our boat.



The tour ended but I enjoyed it a lot! Last tour tomorrow! It should be memorable! xoxo

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