Thursday, June 26, 2014

Harry is mine

They said that the last person you think before you sleep will visit you in your dreams. No wonder why Harry Styles visited again. Well, I always thought about (my) Harry every night. You can't blame me, I love the guy so much. 

Last night was so crazy. I dreamed a dream. I was with Harry. This is just brief and I hate it. If I can be with Harry even just in my dreams then I don't want to wake up and get back to reality. Okay, so here's what happened (in my dreams, again.) 

I entered a room. I guess it was a public area, a restaurant maybe. Harry is sitting in the chair leaning on the wall and he was reading a newspaper. He saw me while entering and he gave me this devastatingly handsome smile but his eyes was kind of sad. I am sad too, I don't know why. When I am about to approach him, he stood up and reached for my hand. He pulled me into his arms and I feel at home. I can feel the warmth of his hug even in my dreams. Ooh, the feels. He hugged me so tight, I can't actually breathe and tears in my eyes started to escape. He then caressed my back saying sweet and cheerful thoughts but then I started sobbing. I seriously have no idea why am I crying. Minutes later, Harry buried his face on my neck. Oh that was really a wonderful moment. Any couple would get jealous if they looked at us. We looked so sweet and heart-warming. 

So, that's just my dream. I told you it's short, ugh, but I found it very romantic. I love Harry Styles so much and I want to shout it to the world that I AM A HARRY'S GIRL. ♥ I mean, what's not to like? Words won't suffice on expressing my feelings for him. In that sudden moment, I felt that Harry is mine and It gives me chills straight down to my spine.
I do hope that I could meet him soon and hug him and kiss him and touch his curly hair and meet his dazzling eyes and AAAHH! I'm already day dreaming.

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Thanks for reading! Xx

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


There really is nothing much to say.

Also, Kev saw the video I made :) A special thanks to my friend Susan for making this happen. ♥

Thursday, June 12, 2014


So, I finished it! Yeay! HAHA! Although I am a little bit sad and disappointed because only a few of us participated the project. Well, I can't blame them. I mean, it's exam week, so yeah. xD

Anyway, here is the finished video for Kevin's Birthday Project! I really wish that he sees this.



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday KEV ♥

On June 12, Kevin Wu (also known as Kevjumba) will be celebrating his 24th birthday. As a long-time proud fan, me and my other kevjiebers (over twitter) decided that we should do something special for Kevin's birthday. Kev made a lot of wonderful things. He made each of us laugh with his incredible sense of humor, helps a lot of people through his charitiy and so much more. Kev contributed a lot of things as a vlogger so why not give him a little something for his special day?

So, here's what you can do...

  1. Take your cameras, cellphones, laptop or whatever gadget you have and take a photo of yourself doing the hang loose sign (Shaka Sign).
  2. Make a video of you singing the traditional Happy Birthday song. You can also add your messages on the end part of the video.
  3. Send it to me via mail at
  4. Last day of submission in on Sunday, July 08, 2014. 

HUALLA! There you have it! Isn't it very simple? It will only took 10 minutes of your life compared to what Kevin had done to us and his fans. 

Hope you will join! Thank you so much! ♥

Lot's of love,

Angelica Jacob (@anjhebabs)

Thursday, February 27, 2014


"I was walking away, but she's so beautiful it made me stay..."

Maybe you've heard that phrase before. It came from the song 'Wild Heart' by the Vamps. And yes, I suddenly fell in love, again, to 4 British Boys. Darn. Fangirling problems :')

The Vamps are a British Pop-Rock Band consisting of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans. They formed in early 2012 and signed to Mercury Records in November that year.

Last Monday, I was watching some music videos and then the song Wild Heart by The Vamps suddenly appeared. I listened to it and it sounds so good and Brad looked so cute there too. So I got interested in The Vamps. I searched them through the internet and was amazed by them. I also listened to their other single which is 'Can We Dance' and as I was listening to it, I can feel my self blushing and head-banging on the song. It was so incredible. 

I really do love the beats in every song, the lyrics, and did I already mentioned that Brad is so cute? LOL! I already changed my name on Twitter. I changed it to 'TheVampsAnjhe' because the members usernames had "TheVamps" before their name so I now belong to The Vamps Family so, yeah!

Also, Last Night, the band released their newest single "Last Night". I literally freaked-out when a notification came as the Official Twitter Page of the band tweeted that they already released the music video for it and it was totally wicked! Ugh, I just wished I was in that Party. I felt the rush while watching it. I seriously watched it again and again and again. I really can't wait for their debut album which will be out on April. I want it on my hands right noooww!!!

First of all, I would like to give a big THANK YOU to James for creating the Band. Brad, I already said this a thousand times but I will say this again. You are so cute! You're face is like a baby! You're an angel. Ugh, so PERFECT! ♥ Connor, stay cool and handsome and Tristan, you rock! ♥ God, why are you all so handsome?! :")

Oh Brad, you looked so cute ♥

I wish all the best in your careers, I hope you guys get what you want and please, please, stay kind, polite and humble! I love you all and God Bless your careers and go out there and rock the world! ♥

I am now a fan of your works so expect me to be always there to support you on everything. I wish that someday, I could go to one of your concerts and meet you and hug you and kiss you and freak-out like a retard fangirl. LOL! 

By the way, what do you call the Fans/ Fandom of The Vamps? I mean, something like "Directioners" "Archies" "Beliebers" something like those? lol! 

-Angelica Jacob :)x

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Happy Birthday David Archuleta

Dear David,

You made me realize that there are so many wonderful things in this world. One of those is you.You are so perfect to me. I am in love with every single bit of you. You are a very kind, very sweet and has a voice of an angel. Seriously, words ain't good enough to express my feelings and all your generous acts.

I miss you so much David. I seriously cried when you left for your mission but hey, 2014 is already here and I am so excited for you to come back. 

So for now, I wanna greet you a Happy Happy Birthday! I love you and I just want to let you know that I am always here for you and also my co-Archies. We will never gonna leave your side. We will be here through your hardships and happiness. May God Bless you more and more David! I am wishing all the best for your career and to your health. I cannot take it if anything happens to you. :'(

I wish that I could someday see you on your concert and hug and you and maybe have a little chat. We could also take pictures and so much more!

P.S. I hope you received the shirt and the CD that I mailed to you. 

Angelica Jacob

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Do you know what's so special about this day? Do you? Do you? 

OMG! If you don't well you better check your calendar because today is December 24! OHMAYGOODNESS! It's Louis Tomlinson's Birthday. Waaaaahhh! Gossh!

I just made this blog to greet the most handsome, funny, kind, & most wonderful guy in the world. Happy Happy Birthday Louis Tomlinson! Words aren't enough to express my complex feelings. Better than words. He has the voice of an angel. He is so kind to everyone and helps different charities. He's so famous but he's so humble. OMG, I don't know! I just wanna greet Louis a Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time with the boys, with Eleanor and of course with your family! Happy Happy Happy Birthday Louis! I wish the best for your career and I promise you that I will always and forever be your Tommo Girl! You will always be my baby :)x