Sunday, August 28, 2016

My 21st Birthday

Birthdays are like the most awaited day in a year and tend to celebrate with the people you love. Either friends and/or families. This year, I turned 21 (Oh man, I'm old!) I'm legal to do anything now haha xD. I wasn't expecting anything for my birthday. Well first, is because my parents are far from me and second, I feel like I don't have much friends. Paranoid, I know. I was actually sad when August arrived because for 1. I'm gonna be old and 2. Is that I think I will feel lonely and forever alone but thankfully I didn't. I actually celebrate my Birthday earlier and longer than expected. 

August 16, 2016 - TUESDAY

Not yet my birthday but my church mate just suddenly asked me and my friend if we're free after our devotional prayer so we can celebrate. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't! So why not? 

We ate at Shakey's Muntinlupa. Good thing that it's open 24/7 because we arrived there at past 10 in the evening. There are four of us so we've ordered the Family Deal 2 which comes with a Large Thin Crust Manager's Choice Pizza, Carbonara (can be Spaghetti) Platter, 5 Pieces Chicken 'n' Mojos and a Pitcher of Iced Tea. I had so much fun while eating because we talked a lot of random and nonsense stuff. The food was very delicious and most especially, I didn't feel alone. We didn't notice the time so we got home at almost 12 midnight!

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August 19, 2016 - FRIDAY

My friend in school thought that it's already my birthday so we went out and later on I told her and she found out that it isn't my birthday yet so she said that it's our advance celebration. Yeay! Another celebration! Haha. 

We went to SM Southmall and decided to eat at Zark's Burger. We planned to eat at this Burger house before but it never happened. So this day was the day! We finally ate at Zark's Burger. The ambiance of the restaurant was cool. It is filled with different pictures and portraits of sports which I think is very nice. When I was young, I said to myself that when I will build my own house, I will fill it with different paintings and art so I appreciate this kind of stuff. Haha xD

The food servers were very approachable and accommodating. My friend and I didn't know what to eat because there are so many mouthwatering choices. I feel like ordering everything in the Menu! There are a lot of different choices some looks really really delicious but I gotta choose the best!


I ordered the Black Mamba because it's something different and I would like to try my burger with a Barbecue sauce because, why not? I don't want my burger to be dry too so  I thought, maybe barbecue sauce can help. 

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My friend, on the other hand, ordered Shaq. It is a cheeseburger topped with bacon and fried onion rings. She ordered that because she said that she doesn't like any vegetables on her burger and Shaq seems like a "regular" burger, according to her. She actually gave me the fried onion rings on top haha! Oh btw, you gotta add Php25 for fries and a drink. A choice of Blue Lemonade or Iced Tea. 

My experience at Zark's was indeed amazing. The burger and fries tastes good. Ambiance was good as well and the staff were all generous. I will definitely come back and try other flavors of burgers.

After eating at Zark's, my friend and I shop around SM and bought so many stuff but before going home, we stopped at Go Nuts, Donuts and bought donuts, of course! Haha, duh xD I had assorted flavors such as the Amazing Glaze, Chocolate Glaze and my favorite flavor there is the Pastillas de Leche, like I can literally live with it and just water.

We also stopped at Chatime to have Milk Tea because we got tired of walking around and talking whole day with her. Chatime is one of my favorite Milk Tea chains here in the Philippines besides Dakasi. With all of the different flavors to choose from... It's just simply great! 

August 21, 2016 - SUNDAY

One day before my actual birthday. LOL, "actual" birthday. Oh well. My sister promised me that we will eat and celebrate at Yellow Cab's pizza because she won't be celebrating my birthday with me because she will be at work and I will be at school. But my uncle changed the plan and decided to just go to Tagaytay. It wasn't planned for a long time but still, we went to Tagaytay. Sometimes, best moments happen unplanned. Rain started to fall while we are on our way to Tagaytay. We planned to eat at Josephine's but my uncle said that he wants to try somewhere different because we always eat at Josephine's Restaurant when we go to Tagaytay. He also said that he wants to eat Bulalo and my sister agreed with him so I just go with the flow. 

We ended up at Mer-Ben to eat Bulalo. There are actually a lot more Bulalo restaurant around the place but it was the place that my uncle chose so... xD

We ordered Adobong Pusit, Ensalada, Ampalaya and their specialty, the Bulalo. The food were okay but I wasn't really satisfied especially on the Bulalo. The hot soup was soooo good with the cold weather but it was too salty for me and they have a very little serving of the food like the Adobong Pusit and the Ampalaya. 

After eating at Mer-Ben, we drove to Twin Lakes Tagaytay to have some coffee at Starbucks. The cashier and the barista found out that my birthday will be tomorrow so they wrote a greeting on my cup which I think is cute. The place was very nice, I meant the view outside, but sadly it was foggy and kinda dark outside because of the rain. 

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While on our way home, we stopped at Red Ribbon because my sister will buy me a cake *teary*. What's a birthday without a cake? Haha! Funny thing, when we arrived home, my uncle said that he wants a slice but I said noooo and I hide the cake! It's forbidden because it's not yet my birthday haha! 


I woke up late. When I woke up, I was feeling... blank. Feeling meh. Feeling nothing. No excitement on me or whatsoever. I just don't know. I checked my phone and I saw some birthday greetings. It was nice and lovely to see that other people are greeting me and remembering me on my day but still. I feel nothing. So yeah, I got up and cooked Spaghetti for myself and for the tonight because my friend said that they will come over at night to celebrate with me because I kept on complaining to them that I will celebrate alone. After cooking, I went upstairs and went back to bed. My sister didn't even greet me like for real, no -_-. Not even "Happy djehbf" or just simply Happy -_-. Sweet right? 

It's afternoon already and I'm still feeling meeehhh and some people in my church messaged me on Messenger and I was shocked because they greeted me and we're not even close. They're my church mates but we just smile at each other when we're at church and I kinda told my sister, "oh em gee, they greeted meee!!!" and she was like, "so you're gonna cry now?" and I did and she was like, "Hallaaa! you did!". I don't know. Tears of joy. 

You know what made me more sad? This week is my exam week and I just couldn't concentrate. So I went to school and took the exams. I asked my professor in a funny way, "Ma'am, shouldn't I be exempted because it's my birthday?" and she just laughed and greeted me and the whole class sang for me *cries*. 

I finished taking the exams earlier than expected. My exam is scheduled 'till 9 in the evening but I finished everything at 7pm so I called my friend and I told her that I'm going home so she could come to our house. I went home, entered the gate and opened the door. The lights were closed and after I opened it, there was a banner saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" with baloons on the floor, some gifts and food on the table and I was surprised and teary and I saw shoes below our stairs (fail guys) so I was like, "Heeeyyy, guysss, I know you're there! Get out nowww!" but they didn't so I went upstairs and saw my sister sleeping. I went to check everywhere and finally, the bathroom and they when I opened the door, they shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAYYY!!!!!" I was aaawwed and touched that they did all this for me. I wasn't expecting all of this. I though I'm gonna be alone and cry in the corner of our house, but they were here. With all the efforts and love. I'm teary right now haha. 

Cookies baked by my friend

Some cute letters from the kids in my church

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I was really speechless because they were a lot. Not that much but I didn't thought that these people will come here at our house and do all of this for me. I was like, "guys, I only cooked a few Spaghetti, it won't be enough for us!" but they made food so it was fine lol. 
We had so much fun and the most exciting part was that, they bought a cake and I feel so loved. Like, for real. I blew the candle and without a wish. I didn't wish before blowing the cake, I just closed my eyes and said "thank you". I am very very thankful for having these lovely people around me. I may not be with my family, but they are my second family. 

They went home very late and I still couldn't comprehend how happy they made me feel on my birthday. It was really unforgettable. 

August 27, 2016 - SATURDAY

My sister just came from work and she woke me up and she said something. I didn't really understand it because I was still sleepy so yeah lol. It hit me when she said "Yellow Cab" so I abruptly said, "huh?" and she was like, "Oh see, that's your magic word" HAHA! She was saying that she will treat me at Yellow Cab Pizza because she made a promise to me. I told her, "didn't we already eat at Tagaytay?" and she said that she wasn't satisfied with that and I'm like, "yeah me too! Haha" YEEAAY! Extended haha xD

We ordered Chicken Alfredo Pasta, Garlic Parmesan Wings and their Signature Craft, Dear Darla. 

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My birthday was really unforgettable because I though I will be alone and be lonely but I didn't. I would like to thank everyone who didn’t forget my special day. Thank you so much for always making me feel loved and appreciated. Thank you for the all people who are always there whenever I need them. Again, I thought that day will be a boring and sad one because my parents are too far from me to celebrate my birthday and my sister has work ‘till morning, the next day, but maannn, I cannot express how happy my church mates made me feel with their surprise. Special thanks to my main bes, Kaye Jose for all the efforts you had given me! It was incredibly awesome! I cried when I went upstairs so that they won’t notice it because I don’t wanna be teased. 

Thank you also to all the poeple who greeted me (even though some of you won’t remember it without the help of Facebook, haha!) Thank you for all the Twitter greetings too! Mikey Bustos! You never fail to make me happy! You never disappoint me that's why I love you! 

Most of all, I would like to thank God for always taking care of me everyday of my life! He never left me alone especially on my special day. I can totally say that I am loved. Endless thank you and I love you all! Cheers for more birthdays to come! 

P.S. This is my debut HAHAHA I'm legal jkjk

All the love, Angelica Jacob xoxo

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