Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The British pop rock band The Vamps will be returning in Manila for their Middle of the Night Tour on October 6, 2017 at Ayala Mall Vertis North, Luna Drive in Quezon City.

This is supposed to be a very good news to me especially that I stan The Vamps so much since 2014 but unfortunately, I couldn't come. This blog is actually my way of expressing how depressing it is for me that I couldn't attend their concert. 

I've never missed a single concert of The Vamps here in Manila. I still can remember the feels when I found out that they will visit here for the first time way back 2015. It was a very unforgettable experience of my life. To be honest, The Vamps took my concert virginity so it was really something that I wouldn't forget for the rest of my whole life. Since then, I promised that I will always come and never miss any concerts of the boys here in Manila. I even attended their first album signing in Glorietta after their first ever concert here. I was even in their Video Diary here in Manila. 

I attended their 3Logy Concert last 2016 with Before You Exit and The Tide. I came even without a friend. Even when my parents were hindering me to go. I went to their concert and again, had the happiest time of my life. Later that year, they went back having an Acoustic Tour in Kia Theater and I met my Vampette Family there, had fun together, enjoyed our time while jamming to acoustic versions of their songs. It was indeed fun. Attending their concerts and seeing them on stage singing, dancing and having fun has always been the highlight of my every year.

Unfortunately, this year I won't attend their concert in Quezon City. This is really heartbreaking for me. I know this might sound dramatic but ... I cried and I'm speechless because there is really no words that can describe how tragic this is for me. I have the money, I can travel very far because I am from the South. Then why not go, AJ? I know you're asking why I couldn't go to the concert. Well the reason is that it's scheduled Friday and I have work from 9 in the evening to 6 in the morning. Why can I just go absent? Well I am just on my training period and I was absent the whole week last week because of my corneal injury so if I will attend this concert, I will 101% be removed from the Company. I need this job, I really do. I know this is sad, really, but I have to work. If only it was scheduled Saturday then hell yes, I'm freaking gonna come but it's not. I'm broken. 

It has been my promise to go to their concerts here in Manila but this time, I'm gonna break it. I know I am not the only fan or a Vampette here in the Philippines but I wish October 6 won't exist and we'll just jump off to the 7th.

Brad, James, Tris and Connor. I am a disappointment, I know. I love you guys and if there is only a way that I could come then I will but I am stuck in this situation. Kill me T.T

All the love, Angelica Jacob xoxo

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