Thursday, December 15, 2016


Inspired by one of Italy’s most romantic cities, Venice Grand Canal has elevated the shopping and lifestyle scene in the Philippines with its uniquely Italian sights and sounds, and dining experience. 

The Mall’s Venice Grand Canal is the becoming a tourist hotspot in Taguig City. Inspired by Italy’s Venice Canal and Macau’s Venetian Grand Canal, walking around will make you feel that you're outside the country.

The Venice Grand Canal is the center of attraction among the tourists in The Grand Canal Mall. Due to its magnificent view and it's unique features, it has become popular with people taking pictures of themselves. My friend and I was intrigued to see the wonderful view of the place since we always see its picture on Facebook and Instagram all the time so we're like, why not visit the place? We didn't actually know how to go there so all we did was to ask and ask and ask questions from people and yeay! We finally arrived. We were stunned to see the beautiful architecture and colorful views. My eyes turned into a heart-eye emoji. It's a mall so for those people who are asking for entrance fee, chill out because it's free. 

 You can ride a Gondola but it has a fee and I think it's only available at night. Ain't that romantic? 

Love Locks! Ain't that in Paris? Haha 

We stopped at Chiara's to have some authentic Venician Taste! We had some cakes and they were really good tho. 

It was really worth it! We enjoyed our time. Our eyes got full of the wonderful views from the place! It was really nice and relaxing! Visit it sometimes with your friends and have a good time. And don't forget... SELFIES!!! #VeniceGrandCanal #McKinleyHills

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