Monday, November 5, 2012

Zack Efron

November 05, 2012

Earlier today, I had my "Highschool Musical Marathon". I watched the 1st and the 2nd Highschool Musical Movie. When I was watching, I miss my younger days, when I was on grade school. Oh my, It was the best.  The songs are actually stuck in my head right now. 

♫ Soaring, Flying, there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach♫

Back to the Disney movie, Zac Efron was the highlight in my eyes, and of course in the movie, Troy and Gabriella. While watching the movie, Zac was really cute. I don't adore Zac before, but after the marathon? I can't stop thinking about him. Weird? I guess not. I like a lot of Hollywood Actors, and as time goes by, I'm getting to fall in love with them. Yes, they're too many, but they really have no Idea that I exist and that's the saddest part. I can't help it! I can't resist on liking or having a crush on them because they're so attractive. 
(The bloopers on the Movie were very funny, especially Zac when he forgot his lines.)

Zachary David Alexander Efron, also known as Zac Efron, was very adorable, he's so beautiful, so cute and full of charm. Ok, did I just describe Zac by singing the Alphabet song of Sesame Streets? Nevertheless, he's so perfect to me. I know a lot of girls always says that to Zac, especially his fans but look, he is so SEXY, he has this BLUE EYES that shines so bright, his HAIR even though it's short or long, oh I don't care. Still attractive! So, tell me isn't he just so perfect?

Zac Efron always showcase his good skills. Actually, I just tweeted on Twitter that he's a complete package, because it's true, he really is a complete package! Look, he knows how to dance, his voice is amazing, so cool, when he sings, goosebumps arrives, and he acts so professional. All his movies are amazing, just like 17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud, the Hairspray, and I think the Lucky One is good, a must watch movie, and of course, Highschool Musical. 

Vanessa Hudgens was so lucky to have Zac Efron, but they're not together anymore. Seriously, Vanessa and Zac were one of my favorite couples. Zac is perfect and Vanessa is beautiful. They look so good together, so cute together. You can see that they are perfect together. They have the chemistry, actually, while I was watching Highschool Musical, I can feel the romance between Zac and Vanessa. I really like them together, If I were Vanessa, I won't let go of Zac but whatever their reason is on their break-up, I respect it.

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron

So, I hope that Zac can read this and notice his newest Fan and Lover! I love you! I adore you! Not just because of your looks, but it's because I know that you have a great personality and you do not snob your fans. 

LOVE you! and stay handsome!..... and HOT ♥

-anjhe (Angelica Jacob) :*

*I don't own the photos of Zac Efron (2) & Vanessa Hudgens

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