Friday, November 2, 2012

"Be Careful"

November 02, 2012

Good Day!

Maybe you already saw this trending on Twitter a long time ago...


Maybe you noticed that I'm not blogging and vlogging on Youtube since last month. Actually, I already shoot and edit my supposed to be October entry on Youtube, but this issue got bigger that month. I want to implement it on myself. I'm not hurting or fighting on anyone using the internet but people sometimes doesn't understand what you meant to say. People misunderstood you. I'm just in the safe zone...

Maybe, many of you will think that I'm so over acting on this Cyber Crime Law, but yes, maybe I just want to be careful, because I don't know what will happen or something. 

Being a vlogger or a Youtuber is hard because people sometimes don't really get what you really want to say. When you are joking, others may took it seriously, and others were so rude, and connects it to anything that will hurt you or anything that is bad. Especially on my newest video, maybe, many people will get offended because it's about "Boys VS Girls". Now you have a hint ;)

Naah, I  really don't know how to explain this, what I feel. I really want to be careful right now so that anything will be alright :) I'm just going to lilo things a bit. Actually, I have two pending blogs, about my school activities, as usual. Actually, right now is our break. On Monday, I'll be back on school again. Sheez.

So, watch out for my blogs and I hope I can post my latest vlog. SOON!!! I'll try to cope up! 

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