Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sushi Festival

October 07, 2012


Sushi is very popular all over the world, that is why my Asian Cuisine Instructor decided that we will be conducting a Sushi festival for our Midterm Exam. A total of 5 different kinds of Sushi must be served on the Sushi Festival, in our Group, we've decided that we will be making 2 Sushi, 2 Maki and 1 that is our own recipe or the "Invented Sushi" since every group must create one sushi on our own. 

You can enjoy Unlimited Sushi in one day! Yummmm! 


Of course it is a Japanese Festival, that is why the ambiance must be Japanese as well. Japanese were know for eating in a small table. The Japanese table is short because they don't use chairs instead they're sitting on the floor. We also put some words such as Dream, Love, and Peace in a Japanese Calligraphy. Flowers were also present and we arranged it according to Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement. Ikebana is known as the "Man", "Heaven" & "Earth" arrangement to show the beauty and uniqueness of the flowers. We also made these little flowers out of crepe papers that serves as a Cherry Blossom Flowers, but we don't have time to make many of it, I thought that we could make one million five of it, but no. :'(

Kimono is the national dress of the Japanese that's why we wore Kimono during the event. I really don't know where to get a Kimono, I don't know where to get it so I'm like, "let's be resourceful" haha. So I make use of our silk robe. It is too short, it ends above my knees so I've decided to have a silk cloth that will fit the color of my robe and wrap it on my waist and serves as my skirt. I put a black belt with a pillow on the back (I don't know what is the use of that but some kimono has a pillow on the belts) to cover the end of the silk cloth and of course a Japanese Wood Slipper. 


The first Sushi that we prepared was the very famous Nigiri Sushi. It was called Nigiri because based on my research, Nigiri means finger and that Sushi is as big as your thumb.

The Second Sushi is the Spicy Tuna Balls. It is a rice balls topped with a Spicy Tuna, a mixture of Wasabi, Chili Powder, Soy Sauce, Mayonnaise and Flaked Tuna. Garnished with cubed cucumber.

For the Maki, we prepared Nori Crab Rolls. As the name itself, it is just a crab meat  with mayo inside the rice and wrapped in Nori.

The Second Maki is the Spicy Tuna Rolls. We have spicy tuna balls, so to save, we made it a Maki. Same ingredients, but the difference is, it is rolled with nori outside and has cucumber and carrots inside.

The last Maki, is our invention  We called it LAB Sushi. We just get the first letter of our surnames and combined it together. We created a Maki that has the fusion of the Japanese and American Cuisine. Japanese Cuisine because it is a Sushi/Maki and American because inside the Maki is the filling of a Hamburger. Yes, a patty, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise and ketchup. Place it on the top of the rice with nori outside, and roll.

My teacher liked it so much, in fact, we, my group, won the "BEST IN FOOD" because of our invention and because at the start of the festival, until it ends, all of the people were lined in our place. Isn't  it totally amazing?! I didn't expect all of that, because while we are preparing our Sushi's & Maki's the first batch of our rice was wasted. I know, it's so bad. The rice got burnt because while cooking the rice, my classmate kept on mixing it with sugar and vinegar. She kept on mixing and mixing and mixing and because of that, I cooked the next batch of rice and it was fine. 

I really enjoyed the Sushi Festival and realistically speaking, I enjoyed a lot here in our Sushi Festival than our Mexican Party

Hope you were there to enjoy all of those delicious Sushi's and Maki's!

ありがとう! - ARIGATO! - Thank you!

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