Thursday, December 27, 2012

DREAM: David Archuleta

December 27, 2012

Last Night, I had the most amazing dream about David Archuleta. I even mentioned it to David on Twitter :)

Yes, Last Night, I dreamed about the amazing singer, David Archuleta. I am a fan of David, since he auditioned in American Idol season 7. I am an Archie Fan ever since. I voted and always supporting him every single day! I also have 4 of his albums :)

Ok, I'm sorry If I don't wan't to talk about my love to him, because It is a very serious thing for me. Really. I'm like addicted or something? Haha! I don't want to talk about it because I get hurt , I feel sad and .... uuuhh! Miss him so much!

TRIVIA!: When I'm listening to "A little Too Not Over You" I feel so down, so lonely, thinking of David. :/

Alright! Let us move on and talk about my dream.
So, last night, (this is what I can remember) My family and I was walking around this big and tall building, I don't know where, and we were taking photos because we were a tourists in that place and suddenly David Archuleta walked in with Sanjana (also a fan of David). I look on the right side and saw them. I was shocked and excited. Butterflies in my stomach won't stop. I saw them and talked to them. "David?" I asked. "Yes, Hello!" David replied with a big smile on his face and I freaked out! I hugged him and I was screaming and jumping around that building. I asked him "How? There are no cameras, fans etc. around you?", He replied, "No one knows that I'm here! They don't know that I am here", and I was like, "OMG! Oh my!" David also said, "I'm staying at Sanjana's Apartment and I'll be there for months"

We rode on our car with my family, Sanjana and David. We went home. Then David and I chatted and laughed together for like 5 hours and we became close to each other. We were like sweet best friends. Then my father says "It's 2 hours before the New Year! Let's go to Downtown to Eat, Celebrate and Enjoy the colorful Fireworks!"

We went to Downtown and while we were eating, people started counting, 20, 19, 18..... We went outside to look at those beautiful fireworks, and this is the romantic part for me, when the firework starts, David hugs me and of course I hugged him too, and he didn't let go so I lean my head on his chest and we sway. Oh my goodness, I wish this is real! After the fireworks, he looked at me and says "Happy New Year AJ!" and kissed me on my forehead! :"))

David, Sanjana and I went to this mini restaurant and Sanjana started to eat and told me "Geez, AJ, this is a competition." David rapidly replied "Yes, you have and you must be careful, Sanjana" and he placed his arm over my shoulder and winked at me, and I just smiled....

*blurred, *blurred, *blurred and BOOM! I woke up! :/

People says that when you dream about a man, that man is thinkin' about you, but duh! He doesn't even know that I exist! xD

Oh, how I wish that dreams do come true! I really do wish for that! 
And Hey! Look, I dreamed about David, one day before his birthday! :) HAHA! 

Also, I really love his new music video on 'Rainbow' (Remix). 
"SUPER! Super Handsome, Super Amazing Song, Super Wonderful Music Video, Super Creative. As in! " - my comment on Youtube :)

Hey! If you want to watch it, just click the video below :) It's AMAZING!

Happy Birthday Mr. Archuleta! :) Actually, I tweet you in advance, I wish you could see it. I may not have a personal gift for you but here is what I promise you, YOU WERE ALWAYS BE IN MY PRAYERS! <3 I love you so, so, so much David! Tomorrow, you will be 22, and I know that you are very successful now!  Don't stress your self ha! :) Stay Handsome and Kind :) I will support you no matter what happens and I'll be always on your side (even if I'm so far from you!)

I wish I could be a part of your new beginning, The new chapter of your life :) BEGIN.

I LOVE YOU!!! :* <3 

- Angelica Jacob

I hope you see this blog and this photo :) Haha! #MyKindOfPerfect <3

♪You were just a dream..... You're all I need to be here with FOREVERMORE

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