Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday David Archuleta

It's December 28 again!? You don't say!? Oh Gosh, do you know what that means? Today is David Archuleta's Birthday! He's 24 now, well not too old to be my husband, lol!

David Archuleta is so important to me. I still love him even if he's not that active anymore in the Music Industry because he's too busy doing some religious acts. I started "Fangirling" for David Archuleta and it will never end. I love this guy so much even if he still not noticing me for 6 years now :( You guys don't know how much I cried when he went to his mission, but thankfully he is back now.

Now my wish for David is first, to have an awesome 2015, a new chapter of his life, a healthy life and to stay with his family and be happy. Second is that he will do some concerts and albums again. And lastly, for his dreams and wishes to come true. 

I love you so much David and I will never stop loving you until my heart stops to beat. Take Care always and God Bless you! I love you! <3

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