Monday, February 18, 2013

"A Heart meets the Notes"

As a part of our Banquet, Function and Catering Services we, in my school, handled this Fine Dining Event last Monday, 021113 and serves as our Pre-final exam.

A heart meets the Notes is a formal evening dining event where people are gathered and eat delicious and delicate dishes. The foods are well prepared and cooked to perfection. The service is properly planned and the location is well designed for a formal event. First will be the Bread and Butter. For the Salad, you can enjoy a Fresh Cabbage Salad tossed with Chick Peas in Ranch Dressing. The Lime Sherbet with a Splash of Vodka to stimulate you appetite and the main dish is an Oven-Baked Beef Ribs with Cherry Tomatoes and Halved Baby Potatoes in Homemade Mayonnaise. A Wild Sweet Orange Tea is for the beverage and Red Wine is also present to compliment your main course.  After a very luscious course is a very mouth-watering Layer Heaven, Earth and Sun which is made out of  Panna Cotta, Chocolate Mousse and a Mango that signifies the Sun.

We decided to create this kind of theme because the event will be held at the month of February and we all know that it it the "hearts month" and since this event is a fine dining, the set-up should be formal we've decided to accompanied it with some music that are appropriate for the said event.

This was just a simple event but hey! We had an outstanding job. The foods tastes good even tho it didn't actually look good. Maybe next time we should improve our garnishing skills. The set up was too nice on that night, especially when the candles were lit, too bad I didn't have a chance to get a picture of it because we were too busy and a little bit panic attack because the service must be fast. I had a great time but I was sick that day, my asthma attacked and it was too bad. :(

Hope you enjoy and gathered some ideas! 

-Angelica Jacob ♥

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