Thursday, March 7, 2013

EXTENDED (Sending Love To David Archuleta)

I don't know if this is a good news or a bad news? Haha! 

Sending Love to David Archuleta is EXTENDED until March 17, not because I only have few photos but I'm too busy nowadays and If sending of photos will end tomorrow, nobody can send anymore there photos and yet I can't edit it next week because we have too many things to do. Tomorrow, we have a Formal Event on school, and we will shoot a Harlem Shake for our function on Monday. Saturday and Sunday, we will be preparing for our Buffet dining on my Banquet, Function and Catering Services and Monday is the actual event. Tuesday, we will be having a "Bollywood to Hollywood" cocktail party at my school  for my Food and Beverage Operation and I am the assigned manager on that two event so I must focus on that thing because it is very important to me. Wednesday is our Final Exam on some of my subjects and  Thursday will be the first defense on our Feasibility Study. See, I'm so busy and loaded next week and If I close the sending of photos, many Archies can't participate even though I can't edit/compile it. 

I don't have second thoughts in fact, I'm giving chances to many Archies around the world to send their photos until next week! Isn't it great! Also, there are some Archies that were busy this week, and I consider them as one of the factors that made me extend this activity or project.

Still the same, just send your wonderful messages/photos at  I will post the video on Youtube at my account, Anjhevlog on the first week of April! Don't worry I'll keep you all guys posted!

Please submit your wonderful photos and tell other David's fans too so they can create and participate to this activity. This is our chance to send love to David Archuleta and to say Good Luck on the remaining year on his mission. I will send a copy to him! I'll be sending a gift to Kari on the address that she told us and I'll put a copy of our video so that David could really watch it while he is away. 

NO MATTER HOW FAR David Archuleta to us, he will still remain in our heart ♥

Hope you guys participate! Thank you so much! ♥ #DA2014

-Anjheblog (@anjhebabs)

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