Thursday, April 4, 2013


Yes, I just finished watching Brave and it is so wonderful. This is the first time that I watched this Movie. It was so great!

Brave is an animated movie by Walt Disney and Pixar. The story is about a brave girl, Merinda, which is a Scottish Princess. Her mother, Queen Elinor, wants her to be a princess and marry a man but she doesn't want to, she wants archery and horse riding. Merinda doesn't want to follow what her mother wants for her so the two had an argument. Merinda tear off the stitches of her mother and her mother get mad and burn her bow which is very important to Merinda. She walked away and while she was in the forest, Merinda met a witch. She asked for a spell that can change her mother and the witch mixed little bit of stuffs and poop! The witch gave her a cake which she gave to her mother but the change she expect was different from what happened so Merinda find a way to fix the problem that she made.

The movie was so amazing! It's funny, suspense and touching. Tears went out of my eyes when she was saying sorry to her mom for the bad thing that she did. It is really a great movie that kids, not only kids, but the whole family can enjoy! I know that Brave was released last year, and it was really awesome! Too bad, I didn't watch it in cinemas. If you haven't watched it yet, well you must because it will surely be a great movie to watch with your family!

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