Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Love was Sent

Do you remember the day when I had trouble on sending our gift to David Archuleta? Do you remember when I tweeted Kari a million times because of this problem?

I had a long vacation and I really need to send the gift to David so he can already watch the video that other Archies participated in. I had a trouble on sending it to Kari, because they needed the exact address of the recipient and they don't want to use the P.O. Box Address. I don't know what to do on that moment. I felt so weak because I thought that I won't be able to send it anymore! I exceeded a lot of effort, time, money and love on that project then suddenly, an Angel came and save me. She tweeted me this...

I was shocked and at the same time glad that she gave me the information that I needed. I already sent it to her last, last week and she already received it and one day, this tweet welcome me on my Twitter Account: 

WooHoo! Thank God that my package was sent to her safely. 

and after 3 days...

Now, I'm wishing that David Archuleta will love it and that he already have it. I wish I can see a photo of David holding my/our gift to him so that I can be sure that he got it safe and sound or maybe thank us on his next vlog. Just wishing. :))

I can't thank Linda enough for what she had done to me. A word "Thank you very, very much" isn't enough for doing all of this to me. I am so grateful to have these Archies with me and also for supporting me on this kind of project for David. I don't consider them as a co-fan, but rather a friend/ bestfriends who are always by my side when I need them. Thanks to God, he made all of this project very possible! 

Until the next project Archies! :)

Anyway, here is the official video of SENDING LOVE TO DAVID ARCHULETA! Hope you guys like it :)

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