Saturday, August 31, 2013


"Yes, they are all good looking. Yes, they can all sing well"

I seriously don’t know how to start this. Uhhm, alright. I tweeted a lot about 1D3D due to my excitement on watching the 1D This Is Us. I’m excited as heck and today, I finally watched it! I just watched the movie! Oh My G! Yeay! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Yesterday was the Premier but I was kinda busy so I just cancelled my rendezvous today so I can watch ‘This Is Us’. I am dreaming a lot of different thing that I want to happen because I am so excited, I even personalized a shirt for this movie. “Crazy Mofo”.

My Directioner friend and I planned this for a very long time. We supposed to meet at 1 pm there but I was late. She texted me that the next showing was on 2:30 and I arrived at 2:15! Whoo, 15 minutes more and I’ll be late. When I arrived at the Cinema, we quickly bought 2 tickets for the show. We didn’t have a chance to buy some popcorns or something to eat because we will be late. It was 3D so when you enter the Cinema gate, they’ll give you the 3D Glasses. Before we enter, I wanted to cry because, this is it. This is the movie. This is my moment. I will be watching it in a few minutes. Mixed Emotions. When I entered the door, I heard the trailers and goose bumps arrived. We find our seats and after a few minutes, the movie started.

When we heard Niall’s voice, all of us inside the cinema screamed so loud because he is the first one who talked. Once again, goose bumps arrived. I felt so excited, so happy and so proud. The movie continues… I am clapping every time I see something wonderful  We sang along with the movie, we always say “aaaww” when we saw something cute and funny, we always scream when the camera is in front of their faces, we cry a little in the serious parts of the movie, and we laughed so hard when they’re throwing jokes. I felt so connected to every Directioners.
The movie was so good, it was so perfect. It was touching, funny, sad, amazing, and so intense! You will NEVER regret watching it. I love a lot of scenes, quotes and unforgettable moments.

  • I love the part when they’re taking pictures of Harry and he is making this different poses. Haha, he was so cute there and it was so funny!
  • I love the part when Niall is on his room and saying how amazing their fans are and he ran to the window to prove it and all the fans outside screamed and when he closed it, they suddenly stopped. "Proved."
  • I love the part when they’re playing around in the backstage before their concert starts and their bodyguards are chasing them. Haha, Harry was so funny that time because his bodyguard carried him on his back and the moment when the boys are riding the golf cart and the bodyguard gets the key and Zayn runs and uses his skateboard and continue playing and again, his bodyguard chased him.
  • The part when Liam and Niall is waving on their fans and saying stop, then the fans stopped and when they say raised their hands, the fans went wild.
  • When Harry picked his fingers on Niall's nose while singing Little Things!
  • The part when Harry is on the waste container and Niall is pushing it! Haha!
  • The parts when they don’t have a shirt! LOL! I’m not a pervert but they are so sexy and hot!
  • The part when they are in disguised. I really loved it when Niall pretended to be a security guard and talked to random fans. Also the ‘free hug’ with Louis. Aww!! that was so cute when he removes his mask in front of the kid and the people around him was shocked.
  • I really like the part when they are in camp and they’re talking serious in front of the bonfire. It really made me tear.
  • I like the part when Harry and Liam are talking while fishing. So funny!
  • I also love the part about Simon describing how fans spread the One Direction fever, and when a neuroscientist explained why we, Directioners are freaking out. “The girls are not crazy, they’re just excited”.
  • I love the concert clips and the touching story of each and one of them.
  • The world tours.
  • I seriously love the close up shots. It was 3D so it was like they are in front of me and the feeling that you want to touch them, but you just can’t. :’((
  • I freaking love the effects. The slow motions! Ahhwww! It was so sick! God, the slow motions when Niall jumps, when Liam is dancing, when Louis is making these cool things! Gosh, everything! It was SO AMAZING!
  • The part when Zayn’s mom called him and they both cried. It was so touching.
  • The serious moments of the boys are so true and real. :”)
  • When Niall sang “but Baby if you say, you don’t want me to drive to KFC!” was wicked! Haha!

I seriously love the whole movie. When the movie ended, we all screamed “Aaaaawwww!!!!” because Liam was still talking when the picture paused and the Best Song Ever intro plays, we thought that the next scene was the Behind the Scenes of the Best Song Ever but then again, it ended. It was so quick. I didn’t noticed the time. It was so… so… I can’t explain it. Seriously. Sorry guys if I can’t explain my feelings properly. I want to tell a LOT of things but I just don’t know how to say it. I really don’t know where to begin, where to start, where to end this. It just in me. I seriously can’t express it. I don’t want to leave my sit. I don’t wanna stand up and get out of the cinema. I just want to watch it over and over again. I just wanna stay there forever and ever.

After the movie, we did a lot of silly things. We went to the book store and we saw a girl holding an official book of One Direction and at first, I was shy to ask her but she noticed us because we are staring at her. We saw an unofficial magazine, book and one official book. I can’t afford to look at those people who are buying these books and I am not. So my friend and I hide the books. Sorry guys, but I will come back to buy it. I am just reserving it for me. We rotate the books so that they cannot see the covers and we cover it with Justin Bieber’s book and another one. LOL!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BOYS AND I AM SO, SO PROUD OF YOU! Stay humble and down to earth. Never lift your feet off the ground. Please stay funny, handsome and I wish all the best in your life and especially on your careers! I love you and you will always stay in my heart even if your biggest fears come true. Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis, always remember that I am always here for you! Not just me but BILLIONS of Directioners around the world will support you no matter what. We love you so much and all your little things. ♥

Angelica Jacob

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