Tuesday, August 27, 2013


It all started on August 21, midnight. Most of you know that I am now living in a Dormitory here at Davao City, Philippines for some personal matters. Last Wednesday my dorm mates surprised me. They woke me up at exactly 12 am and saying that there is someone looking for me. I was shocked and ‘kinda pissed at first because who the hell will look for me on the middle of the night. So, I woke up and they sent me and my other dorm mates to our terrace and when I looked down, I saw my two dorm mates holding a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sign. I was happy seeing them holding that sign. Later on, the door has been locked. I panicked a little wondering why? We waited for about 6 minutes and after that, when we are getting wild, the door suddenly opened and as I pushed it, I saw them wearing a party hat, and the sign was posted already! “Aaaawww!!!” is the only word that I can say. Actually, we are celebrating not just my birthday. My dorm mate Ate Pao and Keanna was also August. Keanna was 08/19 and ate Pao was 08/12. A combined celebration! We were shocked and felt so happy. I really didn’t expect any of that or either been thinking of it. Maybe because I am still sleepy, but really, my mind was blank about everything. They prepared hotdogs,“pancit canton” and especially a cake with candles. They bought a small chocolate cake for ate Pao and Keanna with a candle and 18 cupcakes with 18 candles for me because it’s my debut.


August 22. MY BIRTHDAY! As you all know, I am not living with my parents or any relatives so they visited me here at Davao just to celebrate my birthday! Aaaww! First, we went to SM Malls (Ecoland and Lanang) to shop. It was a very nice store! Everything I need were all in SM Mall.

After we shop, we ate on a restaurant buffet called “Buffet Palace”. Buffet Palace was located near Victoria Plaza. It is a restaurant which serves Asian Cuisines. The ambiance was good, the food tastes good especially the desserts, and also, it is affordable. We just celebrate my 18th Birthday there and not throwing a party, like other people do because My family and friends were not here in Davao, they are either in California or Manila and if I will throw a party, then who will be my guests? So we just invited a few of our Family Friends, such as the parents of one of my dorm mates. We enjoyed the night by chatting, throwing jokes and most specially, by eating so many foods! I was so full that night, I thought I will explode.

It was so late and we have no house here at Davao so we just checked in on one of the Hotels here in Davao which is the Pinnacle Hotel and Suites. It is situated in Sta. Ana Avenue, near GMall. The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites is the Hotel in Davao which has the biggest lobby and they called it a “three story lobby”. The hotel was accessible, affordable and very accommodating. As you get out of your car, you can experience a very accommodating service that they offer. We checked-in on one of their Cabana’s which is located beside their wading pool. The room was clean and comfortable. The price is very affordable because when you checked-in in their hotel, you can use their gym, wading pool and also a complimentary buffet breakfast for two. The food on their Café Frances were very delicious even though they don’t serve that much foods. They serve Filipino Breakfast such as the Longganiza, Daing na Bangus and Fried Rice. They also have cereals and other pastry products. Also, you can enjoy unlimited Juice and Coffee. My total experience on The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites is very wonderful.

August 26. I was shocked when we ate at the Road House Café to celebrate my birthday again. Whoah! An extended birthday celebration. My parents invited some of their colleagues and friends. Road House Café is famous in Mindanao because of its delicious and cooked-to-perfection foods. Road House Café has its main restaurant in Bukidnon, and branched out later on. One is here on Davao and the other one was in Cagayan de Oro.
We ordered one of their famous Baby Back Ribs, Crispy Pata, Bicol Express to stimulate our palate, some Bulalo (or something Pochero, I don’t know) Lomi, Fish and Chips, Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu, Steamed Fish with something Olive. Haha, sorry I forgot xD.
The food were delicious, cooked well, and the service is good too. Before we go home, I saw the waiter heading towards me holding this very cute Chocolate Moist Cake. I was touched because I didn’t expect all of that! They sang “Happy Birthday” and I wanted to cry but I didn't because they might tease me. I blew the candle and before that they are asking for my wish, but I have nothing to wish for. I have my family, friends and even Twitter best friends which I think is always there for me when I need them. Most especially, I have God who is always there by my side when I need anything, someone I can lean on for the bad and good times that happened, happening and will happen to my life.

My birthday had become more special because of your greetings, messages and love. Thank you so much to everyone especially to my family who visited me here in Davao just to celebrate my 18th birthday and for being always by my side even if I’m stubborn at home. I appreciate all of your love! I would also like to thank one of my Youtube Idol, Mikey Bustos for granting my wish, which is greeting me a ‘Happy Birthday!’ Thank you so much Mikey! You NEVER disappoint me and that’s why I love you so much!

Once again, thank you for everything in the past 17 years, I know I am 18 now, but please, don’t treat me as a lady or a woman. I’m still the young AJ, the immature one, the weird one, and the cute one. HAHAHA! Thank you! I enjoyed my 18th Celebration and wish that you can all be a part on the next chapter of my life.

Angelica Jacob

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