Thursday, June 26, 2014

Harry is mine

They said that the last person you think before you sleep will visit you in your dreams. No wonder why Harry Styles visited again. Well, I always thought about (my) Harry every night. You can't blame me, I love the guy so much. 

Last night was so crazy. I dreamed a dream. I was with Harry. This is just brief and I hate it. If I can be with Harry even just in my dreams then I don't want to wake up and get back to reality. Okay, so here's what happened (in my dreams, again.) 

I entered a room. I guess it was a public area, a restaurant maybe. Harry is sitting in the chair leaning on the wall and he was reading a newspaper. He saw me while entering and he gave me this devastatingly handsome smile but his eyes was kind of sad. I am sad too, I don't know why. When I am about to approach him, he stood up and reached for my hand. He pulled me into his arms and I feel at home. I can feel the warmth of his hug even in my dreams. Ooh, the feels. He hugged me so tight, I can't actually breathe and tears in my eyes started to escape. He then caressed my back saying sweet and cheerful thoughts but then I started sobbing. I seriously have no idea why am I crying. Minutes later, Harry buried his face on my neck. Oh that was really a wonderful moment. Any couple would get jealous if they looked at us. We looked so sweet and heart-warming. 

So, that's just my dream. I told you it's short, ugh, but I find it very romantic. I love Harry Styles so much and I want to shout it to the world that I AM A HARRY'S GIRL. ♥ I mean, what's not to like? Words won't suffice on expressing my feelings for him. In that sudden moment, I felt that Harry is mine and It gives me chills straight down to my spine.
I do hope that I could meet him soon and hug him and kiss him and touch his curly hair and meet his dazzling eyes and AAAHH! I'm already day dreaming.

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Thanks for reading! Xx

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