Friday, August 31, 2012

Thank you Idol!

*This was my post on Multiply (February 9, 2012; 9:36pm)


Good day because it's vacation!

I really don't know what to do now because the wonderful, awesome, funny, handsome man named Mikey Bustos just replied on my tweet yesterday.

Yes I know, we all get replies from a celebrity in twitter but this one is different. I really love and idolized him. I also like his videos. It's like Barack Obama replied on my tweet. Isn't that cool? I really freaked out to be honest.

Mikey Bustos is a singer (Canadian Idol), an actor, a comedian, a Youtuber, tv host and a product endorser.

I saw him first on Youtube. I watched his video about the Filipino Tutorial (Filipino Accent Tutorial). I was laughing so hard when I watched his video even though he is talking about how Filipinos speak or pronounce the words, I was not offended at all. It's all true. Mikey is just making videos on what he sees on the Filipinos. He is not making fun of us. He just want to broadcast what Filipinos usually do, and he also likes to share our culture. Mikey is a one PROUD Filipino.  

I tweeted him yesterday and he rapidly replied on that tweet. I really didn't expect that he will reply. At that time, my sister and I was watching his playlist of the Filipino Tutorials even though we've watched it a thousand times.

We are also eating some junk foods, Pringles and Chicharron Ni Mang Juan. OMG I'm so loyal to Mikey. 

While loading, I've noticed that there's a lot of pending tweets. I checked it out and, BOOM! There it is! Mikey just replied on my tweet. *freak-out* I was really shocked and I called my sister and said "Hey look ate, Mikey just replied on my tweet!!!".

He replied "Are you aware that I love you and am  super greatful for your love? <3 Salamat!" after reading that I jumped, screamed, hug a pillow and screamed very, very loud! I know, you will say that I'm really over acting. You'll say that It's just a single reply from a Youtuber and I freaked out so much but you are definitely WRONG. He is not just a Youtuber. Duh! Mikey, It's Mikey Bustos. THE MIKEY BUSTOS. At that night I really made a video to express my feelings, my joy. OMG! I really don't know what to do on that moment I really didn't know what to say!. I know, he is married, duh! I'm not going to grab him and say "You are mine now." I'm just happy. So happy. VERY HAPPY!

At that night, I posted my video on my Youtube account ( and shared it on Twitter. 

I opened my Twitter account after school and there it is. Mikey just retweeted and added my video to his favorites. Isn't that totally amazing? Like, so cool! My Idol just added my video on his favorites? Wow! For me, it was unbelievable. 

I was really shocked and had a mini heart attack. 272 people already watched it, others add it to their favorites and other retweeted my post on Twitter. Mikey is a really nice guy. He is a kind man. He is not selfish on what he have now. He doesn't ignore his fans. 

You really are my idol and I'm really a big, big fan of your works (literally big though xD). Thank you for inspiring me everyday and making me laugh on your videos Michael John Tumanguil Pestano Bustos a.k.a. Mikey Bustos. 

I love you! <3 

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