Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Welcome Anjhevlog"

*This was my post on Multiply (January 23, 2012; 6:15PM)

Hi! I'm anjhevlog... Yes, that's a really weird user name. Well, actually, the name "anjhevlog" is my Youtube account name. Yes, I have a youtube account that you should NOT check out!  Other people asked me why I started making an account on Youtube and record videos even thou those are nonsense. My answer is "KevJumba". Have you heard of him? Maybe yes, maybe no. He really is my inspiration on making videos. I really like that guys even if I didn't know him personally. Yes! So what's the connection of my account and KevJumba? Many people wants to be noticed by their idols, and that's my main reason on making that account and talk to the camera and broadcast it to the world. To be notice by my idol, my inspiration, my everything! Yes I may sound so obsessed with him but I admit it. I really am. I didn't know what drug he used to make me love him so much, maybe his charisma, his smile, I really don't know. 

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