Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Breaking the Record

If you are paying attention on what’s happening on the Twitter World then you can probably relate on what I will be telling you. One Direction already released their newest music video. The Story of My Life is the newest single of the band that will also be on their upcoming album (Midnight Memories). If you already watched the music video then you can’t deny the fact that it is really, really wonderful. The first time I watched the video, tears fell out of my eyes. I cried a little especially on the last part of the video when Louis’ grandparents slowly faded. Oh, it was so emotional and so touching. Time really flew so past but hey! They are very famous and successful now!

As a Proud Directioner, I am inviting you to watch the video for you to notice the amazingness of it and also to add a number of counts. Let's break that freaking record! I already watched it more than a hundred times. Seriously. We, the Directioners, are inviting you to help us to gain more views on the video because it really means a lot to us, especially to me and of course to the boys. Also, I checked the tweets of Vevo and they said that as soon as they get the correct views on YouTube, they’ll be updating the final count.

See, even their bio and header is 1D ☺

Vevo's Tweet for the final count

As of this moment, The Story of My Life Music Video has 14, 640, 965 views. Gosh, for it’s 2nd day. Wow! Just Wow! Keep on going guys! My eyes are still sweating about this video ♥ Thank you! Xx

Here is the official #StoryOfMyLifeVideo especially for you! :)x

I did a collage for it, because it was so PERFECT! OMG! I'M STILL CRYING RIGHT NOW! #Fangirl

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