Thursday, November 7, 2013

I kissed Louis Tomlinson

Last night is probably one of my greatest dream. I dreamed about Louis Tomlinson of the famous boy band, One Direction and not just that. I kissed him. I wish that was real. LOL! Okay, I will tell you about the story in my dream. Note: I didn’t make this up. It really came out on my mind when I was sleeping. Seriously, it was so magical for me.

I was sitting in this small food chain when I saw Louis sitting and waiting for his order. There are no screaming fans and the people are just ignoring him. I looked at him and closed my eyes. I asked myself, "Gosh, Is that Louis?” I opened my eyes and yes, he’s still there and yes, he is the real Louis Tomlinson. I stood up and walked towards him. He saw me and smile. I said Hi! He stood up and reached his arms to me. I furiously hugged him. I looked at him and I cried on his chest like I was a little shy girl. Oh, I can still imagine what I looked like in my dreams. He hugged me and keeps on tapping my back. “Hey, hey, are you okay?” he asked. I didn't answer a word but I shook my head, no and I kept on crying. “I just can’t believe that you’re here and I’m with you right now” I told him while sobbing. Then I cheered up, I asked him, “Can we take a picture?” and of course he said yes! I kept on wiping my eyes because my tears can’t stop on falling. My sister took a photo of us with her tablet. I asked him, “Can I kiss you for the photo?” “I’m sorry?” he asked. “I mean, can she took a photo of us while I'm kiss you on your cheeks?” “Oh, yeah no problem” he replied. My sister took a photo of me while kissing Louis Tomlinson. And Louis’ order came and he said, “nice meeting you” and he kissed me back. Xx

Forgive me, everyone! 

AAHH, GOSH! I wish that was real! I can still remember what he was wearing on my dream! OMG, OMG! He was wearing a horizontally stripped red shirt with a brown pants and a top sider, while I’m wearing a very simple white shirt and a pants. OHMYGOODNESS! I SERIOUSLY WISH THAT IT WASN’T JUST A DREAM! I’m freaking out!

He's perfect, isn't he?

I really, really love you Louis! I am a Tommo girl ever since! You are so perfect for me and I’m not saying that because I like you but because you really are! You are so handsome, so kind, so charming, so funny with a very angelic voice. I’m 98% that you won’t be able to see this but that remaining 2% keeps me on believing that you will and If you do, please always remember that I LOVE YOU and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU no matter what happens! Yes, I am just a fangirl and I am not as pretty as those other girls but I am always here for you and for the rest of the boys! I love you all and I wish you all the best to come even though you guys are now on the TOP of the WORLD.

Love you always,
Angelica Jacob

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