Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Dream with One Direction

♪ Lately I found myself thinking, been dreaming about you a lot ♪

Lately, I've been dreaming about One Direction. As in, one whole week! What does that mean? Haha! It's great actually but sadly, I can only see them in my dreams :( It's kinda cool actually, I always start my day happy because I'm thinking about them just like last night xD 

Last night, my dream was I am with them in a concert, I don't know, it was like in Mexico (because of Harry's tweet). I just remembered that I was in the stage, with the boys and then the concert was almost over then we compressed at the middle and I was in the center (*jiggle) and people were taking pictures of us and after that, we had a group hug and the concert ended. I know, it's so cool! Imagine, I had a group hug with the boys! Whhhaaaattt!!! Haha. There was also a night when I dreamed that I was their manager. It was pretty awesome because I can get too close with them and I am always with them wherever they go. It's pretty awesome, really! I also remember that one moment when Niall asked for something and he was just kiddin' so I punched him on his arms and he was like, "Ouch! What was that for?", then he messed my hair and we laughed and he hugged me! GOSH! I wish that's real! LOL! 

I seriously want to be with them everyday so that I'm always updated, I know what they're doing and so I'm there when they're having good and bad times but I guess that will only happen in my dreams. :'( 


*I don't own any photos of One Direction

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