Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DREAM: One Direction

If you are following me on Twitter, maybe you saw this tweet...

Last night, I had an amazing yet sad dream. WHAT?!? Amazing yet sad? Haha, yes! It is amazing because in my dream, I was with One Direction but sad because the story isn't that good. It is not the fairy tale dream that you've expected. I told you before on my previous blog that I am a Directioner and I am so proud of being one! Who doesn't love those five charming and so talented boys? I bet no one! 

Alright, let's proceed to my dream... (This is only what I can remember)

My Twitter friend Rejoice (haven't met her in person) and I was in this mall. We were just roaming around when we saw a stage and lots of people were waiting. "Who is coming?" I asked her. "I don't know" she replied. I asked her again, "Why are these girls looks so crazy waiting?" and she just laughed. We waited to see who's coming then suddenly, the girls went wild and the lights got dimmed. One direction came out of the curtains! I was  so shocked, I can't even move my body. "Gosh! It's One Direction! Aaaaaahhh!!!" I screamed so loud and became one of those wild girls. After that, the boys asked a fan to come with them on stage and they picked me, and of course, I brought Rejoice with me. We joined them on singing. After the "mini concert", the boys roam around the mall, without body guards and no fans are following them. Impossible. We saw the boys and OMG! I couldn't talk straight to them and I was like shaking and everything! We asked for a picture and their cameraman took photos of us. After that, we talked to the boys for a few minutes then I shook hands with the boys. Rejoice and I left, and she was talking to me continuously and not even pausing and I was beside her, not listening to every single word she was saying because I was thinking of something. 

OMG! They're so HOT! I'm melting! ♥

We went home. I entered our house straight to my room. I lay in bed and a tear fell in my eyes. "I miss a thing" I said to myself. "What the heck was I'm thinking !". I regret something. I miss a chance. Is there a fan that didn't even hug the most popular five boys? I didn't even kiss my love Zayn and Harry on their cheek, I didn't even hug my love Louis and Liam, and I didn't even tell Niall that I love him. I felt so bad that day and suddenly I woke up! 

LOL! What a nonsense dream right? yet I am so excited to tell you about this but really, I am affected. I felt so bad when I woke up, I mean we all love them then suddenly, when you saw them, in front of you, you will just do nothing!?! It's kinda weird right? You've waited so many years to see the five boys and you'll do nothing, and you didn't even have a remembrance because their cameraman took your photos, what if he deletes it? Haha! Alright! Now I am so affected with this dream of mine. I wish that someday, I could see them in person and changed the last part of this crazy dream and fulfill my biggest dream. I wish the boys could know how much I love them! I'm attached to them. Seriously. 

Anyway, #crazymofos are trending on Twitter! Haha! Isn't it cool? and oh! There is also a #CrazyMofosFollowParty ! Yeah! Maybe you could follow me so I could follow you back! :) @anjhebabs

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ONE DIRECTION! Zayn, Louis, Harry, Niall and Liam! ♥♥♥

*I don't own any photos of One Direction

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