Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm Harry Stlyes' Girlfriend

I know that every Crazy Mofos are dreaming to be one of the boys' girlfriend. The other night, my dream was that I have a special relationship with one of the five boys, Harry. Who won't fall in love with those sparkling eyes, perfect smile, curly hair, and a very cute dimple of Harry Styles?!

My dream was like this... Hollywire is interviewing me about our relationship. They asked me a lot of questions and it is still very clear on my mind. It goes like this...

Interviewer: Hi there, Angelica! 
Me: Hello, thank you for having me here.
I: It's our pleasure! So you are the rumored girlfriend of Harry Styles of One Direction, what can you say about that?
M: *laughs* Oh, that one! I can't say that I'm the girlfriend of Harry because it is not yet official but I'm so thankful to have Harry in my life.
I: When did you first meet? Tell me how it started.
M:  It all started when we first met on one of their concerts and yeah! 
I: So you went to their concert to watch?
M: Yes! I am really a big fan of One Direction and Harry shines the most in my eyes!
I: Oh! that's good. Why did you say that it isn't official? You and Harry are dating, right? *then she brings out a picture of me and Harry while walking taken by the paparazzi...*
M: Yes, Harry and I are dating but we are still not upgrading our, our relationship. We just have a mutual understanding right now.
I: So can you say that you are Harry's special someone?
M: Yes! I can say that I am Harry's special someone... 
I: So how was it? How's Harry to be with?
M: Harry is such an amazing person, he's funny, he's a gentleman and he's very sensitive.
I: Sensitive? Why sensitive? 
M: I, I, haha, I can't explain it but he is really a sensitive guy in my opinion.
I: What does One Direction fans say about your special relationship with Harry?
M: Ooh, other people are against our relationship. People throw bad comments about us and others accept it and respect our decisions.
I: Why do you think that other people disagree on your relationship?
M: Maybe because Harry is too handsome for me? Hahaha! I don't know, maybe they're just jealous of us or they can't accept the fact that Harry loves me.
I: What does he like about you?
M: I don't know to him, hahaha! just ask him that question.
I: How about his career? Do you help him on what to do... deciding...?
M: No, no! I'm not his manager. I am letting him do whatever he wants to do, he knows what is good for him and I respect his decisions but if he needs help, he knows that I am always here for him and  I could just give my opinion.
I: Alright! Thank you so much Angelica, I had so much fun with you! What do you wanna say to our viewers?
M: Thank you so much to everyone who supports us and for giving such nice and wonderful comments about us, I love you all and I know that Harry too! :)x Thank you Hollywire!


It was so amazing! After that interview, a lot of people from the media, around the world called me! Whoah! Also, there's this one who had a video interview with me, via Skype and then Harry was beside me during the whole interview! From that moment on, you can search me and Harry on the net because we are always together... and I am officially his girlfriend... *blurred *blurred *blurred and here I am... in reality :'( </3

♪ I opened my eyes, it was only just a dream... ♪

He is so handsome, I know. I want that dream to come true not because I want fame or anything, I just want to be close with Harry because I am so attached to him and I can't explain my feelings for him. Love you so much Harry! ♥

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