Monday, August 4, 2014

El Nido - Tour A

Today has been so awesome! No, it’s marvelous! No, today was rad! I had so much fun!

There are 4 different types of tour here in El Nido. Well, Island hoping to be precise. The prices depends on the tour that you’ll be taking. Anyway, here’s the list of prices:
  • ·         Tour A = 1,200
  • ·         Tour B = 1,300
  • ·         Tour C = 1,400
  • ·         Tour D = 1,200

These prices already includes boat transportation with life jackets, snorkels and goggles plus a delectable lunch which is my ultimate fave.

Today, we had the Tour A. I was so excited this morning. I’m not much of a nature lover but I adore the beautiful scenery outside. It was like a piece of heaven. I admit, I got scared at first on the big but beautiful lime stones outside. HAHA, but I fell in love with it. LOL, I’m confusing you, aren’t I?

Okay, I woke up without an electricity because it's already past 6 and believe me, I won’t get up if my aunt didn’t wake me up. HAHA, then we had breakfast which is very important. The tour will start at 8 in the morning and a tricycle picked us up in the hotel leading to the sea side. Our tour guide welcomed us and led us to the boat that we will use for the whole day. We also waited for some people that will join us on the tour! We were like 12 in the boat plus the boat driver, the tour guide and two life guards.

I’m going to tell you a secret so *whispers* don’t tell anyone. I CAN’T SWIM. Yeah, it’s not that I’m afraid of water, but I can’t float in the water regardless that I am fat. LOL, that’s why I wore a life vest. Okay, let’s move on HAHA, that’s a bit embarrassing tho xD

I absolutely fell in love with the beautiful view. The water is so clear like you can see your own reflection. You should be careful because there are territorial fish that will bite you if you’ll stay in one place. The place is absolutely awesome plus there are wonderful corals under that made me say WOW while under water.

SECOND STOP: Shimizu Island
We stopped at this Island to have a lunch. It’s amazing because the sand is so fine and you’ll definitely love it there because it’s so peaceful like I can stay there forever. They cooked a lot of dishes! We mobbed the foods due to our extreme hunger xD.

Have you seen my aunt? 

Lunch Time!

I’m going to say this word again because nothing can describe the Big Lagoon more than AWESOME! It’s so beautiful! But we just quietly boat through in stunned silence as we soak in the colors and clarity of the water. Truly beautiful!

We stopped here to have some relaxation but I’m so hyped so I walked around the beach, drew something on the sands and of course enjoy the water. The place is great to think and relax and the waves will definitely made you calm.

Look who's 1D AF!

So Tour A, checked! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s tour! xoxo

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