Sunday, January 6, 2013


Every Year, my family and I travel to bond, explore different things and culture in different places so last December 2012, my family and I had a vacation in Davao, Philippines. Never been there before that's why we were so excited! Davao, I think is the cleanest place in the Philippines. There are no trash anywhere you look. The people are well disciplined

First stop, Jack's Ridge. After a very long hours of drive, we went to Jack's Ridge to have some coffee and specially to see the wonderful view. The location is high so you can see the wonderful view of Davao. 



After we went to Jack's Ridge, we went to the very popular mall in the Philippines, the SM Supermalls in Davao. We shop a lot of things because we didn't bring too much things that's why we have light luggage. We didn't notice the time, geez! and it was evening  already and my stomach is grumbling and complaining. LOL! We ate at Shakey's Pizza. Who doesn't love Pizzas and Pastas? No one! 

 Yummy Chickens and Potato Mojo! 

 Pepperoni is my favorite! I don't like pizzas with vegetables xD 

My favorite Shirley Temple! :P

We are not yet finished shopping so went again to another SM Mall after going  to Paradise Island (Next Blog). SM Lanang is the newest and biggest SM mall in Davao. SHOPPING!

Just like Macy's huh? xD

Anyway, I've tasted these wonderful Mochiko and it's so perfect! You better try one! 

This are just some of the things I bought. It is very affordable in SM department store and you can choose from hundreds of different, wonderful things. 

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