Friday, January 4, 2013

DREAM: David Archuleta goes back to school

Whoa-oh-oh-whoa-oh-oh. Haha! It's funny, I keep on dreaming about David Archuleta. Maybe because I miss him <3.

Every night, before I sleep, I listen to all David's music. SERIOUSLY. I love it. It's like my ritual every night. haha! Ok, this is just a short and a weird dream. I just remember that, David visited my school and he was our substitute teacher, I don't know what subject, and he starts writing a lot of things on the board. I really can't understand that dream. Haha! Then he checked my iTouch and he uses one application, and he kept on using it and then he starts to laugh.... Ok, I won't continue it because it is so nonsense. 

Let's go back to reality, I'm remembering David, so I watched his videos and vlogs again and again. Oh! I love and miss him so much. I wish tomorrow is 2014, so he can be back! I watched again his video, "It's not Goodbye" and it made me tear. Oh my! :'( I really feel so sad right now. I respect his decision and as what I'm always saying, I support him on everything. 

I just wish that David is happy and fine on his mission. Take Care Always David! I know that by this time, you can't read this, but I hope that when you get back, you will read all my blogs for you! I wish I could see you in person and I love you always! I can't wait for 2014 :) #DA2014

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