Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sending Love to David Archuleta #DA2014

Tomorrow is already February and I know that we all miss the handsome and amazing David Archuleta, but 2014 will be here before we even know it! One year to go, just one year! I miss him badly, that's why I decided to gather all those David Archuleta's Angels around the world and send some love to him but how?

Just take a photo of your self holding a sign with this:

<Your message to David Archuleta>
<Your Name>

This is just an example.

I know that It looks like what did, but this is the only way I know how to send love to David.

I'll be making a video for the compilation of what you want to say to David. I know that a piece of paper can't express our feelings to David, but that can help. Everyone could join! You can do whatever design you want to put on it, be creative! but just make sure that we, specially David can read it.

Please send your wonderful messages/photos at Submission is open starting tomorrow but not longer than the March 8, 2013. I will post the video on Youtube at my account, Anjhevlog on the last week of March! Don't worry I'll keep you all guys posted!

Please submit photos and tell other David's fans too so they can create and participate to this activity. This is our chance to send love to David Archuleta and to say Good Luck on the remaining year of his mission. Oh! maybe you're thinking if how can David watch this while he is on his mission? Don't worry guys! I will send a copy to him! I'll be sending a gift to Kari on the address that she told us and I'll put a copy of our video so that David could really watch it while he is away. I know that David Archuleta is always and will always stay in our heart so this is how we show our support and love to him! 

Hope you guys participate! Thank you so much! ♥

If you have questions, you can comment or just tweet me your questions (@anjhebabs).

Let's wait for 2014 and wait for David and be surprised with his surprises! Hahaa!

♥Angelica Jacob #DA2014


  1. I love your idea and sent you an email with my picture. Did you get it?

  2. Great idea..i'll send a messsage to you soon and thank you for joining me..

  3. Thank you so much! Please tell others! Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much for inviting me here to join!! I love DA too. So lets give him our biggest support and love for him !!! Go Archies ..

  5. thank you for letting us .. to campaign