Saturday, January 5, 2013


Alright, should I need to post this? This was ANCIENT HISTORY, for goodness sake! LOL, just kiddin'. I just said that because this Party was happened last October or should I say, last year? 

This party was a completion for my Western Cuisine and the Food and Beverage with Wine Appreciation subject. 

This is our invitation.

Every guest needs to portray a Hollywood Character.

This is the Menu of the Night. Oooh! Lots of Drinks! 

We decorated the whole place by posting different colors and sizes of stars to indicate that everyone is the star of the night.

 Lights are very important in the set. Since it is a night party, we wanted to have a colorful set that will also make the place alive.

 The table setting is very simple. Pyramid table napkin, Soup Spoon beside the Dinner Knife and a Dinner Fork on the other side.

We portray the look of our "bar" on one of the famous bars in New York.
Who's hand was that huh? LOL!

Its exhausting to be a manager that's why I respect every Manager in the world! I'm always voted to be the Manager in every event. Being a manager is not a joke. You need to be responsible on everything. 

Our Waiters and Receptionists were required to wear black tube while black suite for the Waiters and Bartenders but I'm different to identify the level of work. As a manager, I'm all around. Waitress when someone needs me, Bartendress when someone needs a drinks and so much more! 

When you arrive, this HOLLYWOOD tarpaulin will welcome you and because you're in Hollywood, Paparazzi will welcome you with the flashes of their camera. Apparently, they just use a phone for me so yeah, I can't complain. xD

The Flag of US wass also present. We only use Crepe Papers to make this big flag.

  Watercress Soup for Appetizer. 

 Baby Back Ribs, Ham and Mushroom Salad with Mayo Mustard Dressing and Mashed Potato on side for the Main Course! Yum! 

All American Chocolate Cake for Dessert! It is so delicious! We can't find Mint Leaves on the market so we used Parsley as substitute just to add color to the dish. We're creative right? Haha! 

 Oh look! We have Harry Potter and the Black Swan! 
There are a lot of people who portray a Hollywood Character and it was so amazing that they all exert an effort for our Party. Sorry I didn't take a lot of pictures because we were too busy.

 The Party is not complete without awarding those people who did their best just to show up and be glamorous! These are the sashes that we gave. 

At the end of the Party, All of our teachers congratulates us because of the amazing work that we did. The party was Fun, Amazing, Beautiful, Sparkling, Stunning and Awesome! It was a wrap! I think we are ready to take the next step :P

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